Towards a shared embodied experience of empowerment and identity 


This is a movement and voice workshop/forum for anyone who wishes to bring to life aesthetic political gestures through the binary exploration of both choreographic and sonic collective movement. By looking at notions of power and identity we would also like to invite you to explore the micro/macro relationship/struggle between individuality and collectivity, both physically and conceptually.


This workshop/forum is about empowerment. It is not about technique or artistic background. No previous experience in art, movement, performance or theatre is necessary. Please come as you are.

Collective, non-judgmental, anarchic improvisation will be used as a tool to access the interior landscape of our body whilst exploring its sonic capacity. Together we will investigate both our own anatomical structure and that of others, in relation to our surrounding environment. Through the use of breath, different kinds of weight and touch, materials and textures, this workshop/forum is an opportunity to investigate our own movement and vocal potential and the relationship between our personal physical domain and our collective shared environment. In turn we also invite you to question how this relationship effects the way we interact with our current contemporary society. 

Depending on the context, this workshop/forum can be presented in conjunction with the touring of DYAD PERFORMANCE, or on its own and can be set up as an individual workshop or as a series of workshop/forums over the course of one week. 

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