DYAD performance is a work on Duality observed from the perspective of two women representing diametrically opposed female experiences and sexual lifestyles: an exploration into the elasticity of boundaries, the overlapping of identities and the seeming impossibility of operating in both domains. This performance was largely developed during a residency in Istanbul which unexpectedly and significantly coincided with the Turkish large-scale socio-political unrest of Spring 2013. The work in its entirety also investigates the relationship between violence, power, sexuality and gender identity, whilst examining the micro/macro dichotomy between subject and object, observer and observed, individual and collective. 

Written, directed and performed by Alice Tatge & Therese Steele  

Choreography by Alice Tatge

Monologue by Therese Steele

Soundscape by Wajid Yaseen & Alice Tatge  

Stills from Frieze 2013 vip live installation performance event / Freud Museum, 18 October 2013.

Photographs by Tom Medwell for Dyad.

©2013 Alice Tatge & Therese Steele - All rights reserved

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