DYAD is a work on Duality observed from the perspective of two women representing diametrically opposed female experiences and sexual lifestyles: an exploration into the elasticity of boundaries and the overlapping of identities.

DYAD is also an investigation into micro/macro struggles on sexuality, violence and power.

This project was largely developed in Istanbul, Turkey, during a residency that coincided with the outbreak of the city’s large-scale socio-political unrest during May and June 2013.

The external conflict becomes internal when the inevitable and unavoidable question arises of where an individual should place oneself within a collective movement. In this sense DYAD strives to become an active site for the manifestation of social and political activism as well as the physical domain for the production of the relation between subject and object, observer and observed, individual and collective.

DYAD also investigates different forms of Dyadic structures, relationships and the role of taboos in shaping our current contemporary discourse, by challenging what has been classified as queer identity/notions of otherness up until now.

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