Alice Tatge and Therese Steele are London based artists. Their work is site-responsive and is founded on a mutual interest in exploring the relationship between the verbal, the intuitive and the gestural. 

Alice Tatge is an Italian / American director, choreographer and performer. Alice’s work is located in the field of live art/installation and is deeply rooted in her experience as an independent dance artist. Informed by her interest in sense perception and her knowledge of experiential anatomy, her work is driven by the desire to reduce the gap between the intuitive and the rational. Alice’s practice includes the use of found objects, video and soundscape, which she considers as an extension of her choreographic and compositional work. Her performance work has been exhibited at Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, Barbican, Wapping Project, Trinity Laban, Waterside Contemporary, Colchester Art Centre and ICA.  

Therese Steele is a Swedish dramaturge, writer and performer. Her work is informed by her experience of psychoanalysis and deals with establishing a connection between the political and the deeply personal. She lived for several years in China where she studied photography at Beijing Film School. In the UK she studied politics and Chinese at SOAS before completing an MA in Performance at Central Saint Martins, London. Her work has been performed at: Gallery8, Cochrane Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre and Stockholm Fringe Festival.

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